Explore Herpetology is a collective of reptile experts dedicated to providing the highest quality herping experiences in Asia. Whether you’re an enthusiastic first-timer or a seasoned herpetologist seeking a long-awaited rarity, our diverse range of intricately curated tours are sure to captivate your interest and unlock your adventurous side. Our interactive, dynamic approach to leading herping expeditions caters to everyone’s comfort level and ability, and our guides have garnered a reputation for going above and beyond to accommodate and accomplish the goals of our guests, ensuring your experience exceeds expectations and you return home with everything you desired.

Our team comprises several highly experienced herpetologists and hobbyists, boasting thousands upon thousands of hours exploring an enormous variety of biotopes in search of wildlife, and a history of successfully leading tour groups of all sizes and catering to individuals with highly specific interests. Our extensive familiarity with the local culture within our tour locations guarantees a smooth yet enriching indulgence in traveling, and a key part of our mantra is to ensure we give back to the local people and communities who accommodate us on our adventure. We also look to contribute scientifically wherever possible, with significant discoveries occurring on previous expeditions, including new country records, species lost for decades and huge range extensions.

Browse our herping experiences, find what is right for you and join us on a journey to uncover the scaly secrets shrouded within a fantastic diversity of habitats, and lose oneself in an exciting expedition assured to make priceless memories lasting a lifetime.